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Equine conditions

Many conditions can be managed and improved with the use of physiotherapy. Physiotherapists are here to help guide you as owners on appropriate exercises with your horse. I can advised if saddle fit or tack fit may be causing MSK discomfort. Physiotherapists can treat injuries, provide maintenance care and provide treatment for sporting horses to help with performance. 

Treatments can involve managing pain, reducing compensatory issues and providing routine care to pick up on subtle changes to prevent injury.

Symptoms to look out for!
Your horse may be telling you something is wrong.

Your physiotherapist can help!

  • Discomfort when being tacked up or rugged

  • Saddle area soreness

  • Refusing fences, knocking poles or a reluctance to stretch or collect

  • Reluctance to engage their hind limbs

  • Disuniting in canter or incorrect strike off

  • Stiffness in one rein

  • Poor transitions

  • Contact issues

  • Head tilt

  • Napping, Bucking or rearing when ridden, lunged or long-reined

  • Stiffness in the mornings, evenings or after exercise

  • Uneven wearing of the shoes or hooves

  • Inability or reluctance to stand square

  • Poor or under performance, or a change in their functional level

  • Uncharacteristic changes in their behaviour

  • Reluctance to work

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