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Gina has treated both my dog and our horses, is very knowledgeable & caring towards the animals.

Would recommend

Amazing treatment for my little Maltese and her poorly back legs, results were fab after one treatment. Would highly recommend Gina to any animal needing massage therapy

Highly recommend Gina absolutely brilliant service and after just a few sessions she has already won my sensitive mare over who at first wouldn’t allow Gina to treat her in the stable and after she has spent time with her and not rushed her and been really quite and gentle with her managed to do her in the stable for the last session, i have seen a massive improvement in my mare since Gina has worked with her! Very highly recommend!!! Molly is now feeling much better and happier definately wouldnt use nobody else now!


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Thank you Gina! Sabrina loves her treatments with you, she finds them so relaxing and really benefits from them. session. Such a difference to this time last year when she had damaged her SI joint. We will definitely be keeping up with her maintenance sessions to make sure she is as well in herself as she can be. See you again in another 3 months! X

Gina has now been to see both my siberian husky and my thoroughbred horse. Gina gave a full and thorough inspection of both my animals. She spoke knowledgeably with understanding and explained what she was doing and looking for. Gina worked calmly, confidently and safely with both my animals. I will be having Gina back to work on them again, hopefully seeing improvement in them both as I have been using the techniques she advised.

I was really impressed on our first visit to Gina Cook - Veterinary Physiotherapist, she was very kind and patient with Coco, who did take part. Lovely set up there! Very calm environment x


"She treats my girls regularly and any dog is lucky to have a treatment by her. Her rehabilitation clinic is kitted out with top of the range equipment to make sure your dogs get the best experience."

"My coming up to 12 Greyhound Blaze has been seeing Gina once a month for around 4 months now for senior wellbeing sessions which he very much enjoys (even though he plays hard to get and Gina has to follow him around the treatment room)! I noticed a difference in him almost immediately with his movement and boy does he sleep afterwards.

Gina clearly loves her animals, is very friendly and gives good advice."

"Gina has been treating my whippet Pippin since a combined physical and brain injury. He struggles with his legs and the monthly combined massage and treatments are so beneficial to his wellbeing and physical maintenance. He's always freer and brighter after a treatment and Gina is lovely. Don't hesitate to get booked in!"

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